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When Dental Implants are not the solution….

Dec 30, 2014

In these times of high tech and modern dentistry, many people choose to replace missing teeth with dental implants. However, not everyone is suitable for implants. There may be many reasons why your dentist may advise that they are not for you,

  • Lack of suitable bone to fix the implants into,
  • Ongoing gum problems and gum disease,
  • Unlikely to be able to tolerate surgery.

So what are the alternatives available when it seems like the options are limited?

For most in the above situations you would probably think that the only alternative is to consider dentures, in fact you are probably using this method now to replace your missing teeth.

Conventional dentures also have their limitations though. They can,

  • Feel bulky
  • Move during eating and talking
  • Generally make you feel less confident.

If, whilst reading this, you are recognizing yourself then we may have a solution for you – all is not lost!

Here at Dentistry at No3, Dr Stephanie Kerk provides a treatment especially to help patients who are experiencing all of the previous issues. She likes to call this  “Super stable dentures” or  “German Telescopic Bridges”.

Stephi works very closely with Bianca Mueller, a Registered Dental Technician, to produce high quality, German engineered dental work. Together Stephi and Bianca will spend time to plan your case and design a solution bespoke to you that will result in you having a replacement for your missing teeth that will,

  • Look natural,
  • Be super retentive
  • Be super stable
  • Cover minimal area in your mouth to allow maximum enjoyment of food
  • Help make you feel more confident.

If your dentist has advised that implants are not for you but you feel unhappy with your denture, then why not ask to have a preliminary chat with Stephi? She is delighted to meet you for a free “meet & greet” and show you what is possible before you commit to a full consultation.

For more information please click on this link, http://www.dentistry-no3.co.uk/services/german-telescopic-bridge


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