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Dec 08, 2014

Do you know what goes into making a crown (cap) veneer or dentures (false teeth)?


It is a complicated process and one that involves teamwork. Whilst your dentist will decide with you what is required to restore your tooth or teeth back to function with great aesthetics, it is the dental technician who is responsible for the final cosmetic finish of the restoration. The technicians will be working in the lab to construct a beautiful piece that will restore function, form and beauty.

At Dentistry at No3 all our dentists work very closely with dental technicians to ensure the upmost quality, not only in aesthetics but function, the part you may not actually see. A beautiful crown that does not work properly isn’t acceptable and neither is a super biting crown that is quite frankly not “tooth like” in appearance.

Many of you will know that we provide dental implants for missing teeth, this is a two stage process, first the placement of the implant into the gum, and then a few months later, the implant is built up on to provide a restoration that looks exactly like a tooth.  Both Alan and Stephi provide implants and work very closely with their technician Craig Morman of CM ceramics.

Sometimes restoring an implant, particularly towards the front of the mouth, can be very challenging for the technician. Some of the difficulties are to make sure the implant looks life like and the join between the implant and the gum is invisible but also clinically cleansable to avoid future problems.

We often come across difficult cases. Recently we had a case that required a lot of collaboration between technician and dentist. Craig and Alan discussed this in great detail and they decided to make some intricate gold work to be fitted seamlessly to the titanium head of the implant. It was a masterpiece of miniature engineering, something which goes on behind the scenes.

This could only have been achieved by face to face discussion between clinician and technician.

Stephi also works very closely with Bianca Mueller a technician of Ceramic Art in Livingston. Stephi is one of very few dentists in Scotland who can provide patients with German high precision dentures and bridges. These are super stable dentures and removable bridges for patients, where implants may be unsuitable and a denture on it’s own simply isn’t what is wanted.

This work also requires a master technician, close discussion and teamwork.

We will be writing again to tell you more about implants and the super stable dentures/bridges.

In the meantime if you find the dental technician also present at a clinical consultation, it just means we are ensuring excellent quality and an excellent solution for our patients.


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