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Treatment Fees

 Affordable dentistry, in the heart of Dunfermline

It is our aim to offer the best possible dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Below are some of the most common treatments and their corresponding fees.


New Patient Consultation

As a new patient to our practice, we take time to understand you and your concerns regarding your mouth and build a picture of your general and dental wellbeing. We offer a comprehensive Healthy Mouth Review which examines all areas of your face, head, neck and mouth and are sensitive to patients who suffer with dental anxiety. Your first visit will last approximately forty five minutes and where treatment is required, comprehensive advice and options will always be given.

Fee £96.00



Healthy Mouth Review

Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth is at the forefront of what we do. Our Healthy Mouth Reviews include a comprehensive examination of the mouth, and x rays taken as required. We take our time and listen to any concerns you may have about your teeth and we focus on preventative dental care. When treatment is recommended, comprehensive advice, costs and options will always be given.

Fee £48.00



Hygiene Therapy-a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body

Our highly experienced and caring hygienists specialise in preventive dental care, paying special attention to oral hygiene and gum disease. The hygienists are a cornerstone of everything we do at Dentistry@No3. We highly recommend regular visits to help maintain healthy bone support and gums.

Clean, Cleanse and Polish £48.00



Rapid Rescue-Fixed Fee Pain Relief

Struggling with dental pain can be a very emotional and painful time. The Exeter Dental Centre offers emergency appointments to treat trauma and pain. You may be advised to return for a second visit to carry out permanent restoration work.

For New Patients to Our Practice    Fee £80.00



The Next Generation

We offer a prevention based approach to dentistry educating children on how to care for their mouths in order to head off problems in the future. Starting your children at an early age is the best way to promote great dental health for your child's future. Children can enjoy a ride on the dental chair, become friends with their dentist and learn all about brushing their teeth and looking after their mouths.

Children under 18 Seen for no cost under NHS rules,- if in full time education.



Diamond White Fillings

This state of the art innovative formula has been chosen by our clinicians to provide durable and aesthetically excellent restorations.

Small £73.20

Medium £99.00

Large £144.00



Cosmetic Veneers

Thin, strong and highly aesthetic our veneers are specially shaped pieces of porcelain that are attached to the front of your teeth to create a beautiful smile.

Fee per Veneer (Porcelain)      £384.00

Companeer,  Our Same- Day Veneer   £250.00




A crown is a ‘cap’ that fits over the entire surface of the tooth. The shape, size, colour and surface of a crown are closely matched to the surrounding teeth. They are fabricated by master technicians to the highest possible standards and once fitted, provide a seamless and permanent restoration to a tooth which has been damaged.

Fee per Crown from £480.00



When you’ve lost a tooth a bridge can … bridge the gap! The replacement tooth is fixed to the teeth either side of the space.
Price per section of bridge:

From £480.00
Per tooth



We believe dentures should look great, fit comfortably and be stable when you eat. We use the latest materials and state- of- the- art fabrication techniques to achieve this. We assess your bite, your natural smile and what you would love to achieve with your new denture.

Acrylic Denture from £258.00

Cobalt Chrome Skeleton Denture £696.00

Private Acrylic  Full/Full Dentures  £924.00



Dental Implants
Dental Implants are small titanium screws which are placed into the jawbone to create a permanent foundation for a replacement tooth. A natural tooth coloured crown is then placed over the Dental Implant, to give an exceptional natural finish.

Consultation  Free
Single Implant and Crown Total Fee £2400.00
2 Implant retained lower denture £4,800.00



Orthodontics (The Inman Aligner) or Quick Straight Teeth (fixed brace)
Braces improve your smile by gently moving teeth into correct alignment. Your mouth will be healthier, look great and teeth will be easier to clean. We offer the perfect solution for straightening crowded or protruded front teeth. In around 3 months, your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position and inthecase of the Inman Aligner, because it's removable, you can take it out to fit with your lifestyle. Both systems offer excellent value compared to other systems on the market and achieves amazing results.

Consultation is Free
Quick Straight Teeth or Inman Aligner (per jaw) Fee £1,300.00



Teeth Whitening System
Perfect for those looking for a visibly whiter smile, we offer a home bleaching system. We take impressions of your mouth and provide you with custom made bleaching trays into which you apply the bleaching gel every other day for 2 hours, over a period of a couple of weeks. We then advise a top-up every 4-6 months or so, of just a couple of 2 hour sessions.

At Home Whitening Fee –per arch-£192.50
At Home Whitening Top Up Tube £33.00



Root Canal Therapy
A leading treatment used to save a badly damaged or unhealthy tooth. We clean the centre of the affected tooth and place a protective long lasting seal over the top to help restore the tooth and its function. Treatment may be carried out over one or more visits.

Single Tooth Canal Fee £256.08
Pre-Molar Tooth Canals Fee £414.00

Molar (multi-root canals) Fee £455.40



Tooth Removal
Removing a tooth can be carried out for a wide variety of reasons including tooth decay, problematic wisdom teeth or to make room for orthodontic treatment. Our extractions are carried out with the greatest care-  your comfort is our priority.

Extraction Fee £87.78
Surgical extraction Fee £150.00

Our dental plans

We offer a choice of 2 dental plans and can advise you on your best choice once we have assessed the condition of your teeth and gums at your initial examination.

There is a full maintenance plan which includes all necessary exams, hygienist visits and treatment but excludes laboratory fees and implants.

Alternatively there is also an Essentials plan which includes a yearly exam, 2 hygienist visits and gives a 20% discount off the cost of our private fees.

The monthly plan fee is normally paid to us via direct debit.